About BLOC

BLOC Eyewear Asia is an authorised distributor committed to bringing premier British-designed eyewear to Asia.

BLOC Eyewear was established in England in 1988 and immediately started a revolution in sports and lifestyle eyewear across the world. The quality and design of Bloc Eyewear blew apart the notion that perfection can only be achieved with excessive price. BLOC Eyewear is manufactured to the highest quality possible and exceeds European Quality Standards Test Certification BS.EN1836.2005.A1.2007

With more than twenty years of experience in design and manufacturing, the creative team at BLOC generates new product ideas and designs in-house.

The ability of BLOC Eyewear to react quickly to changes in sport and lifestyle fashion plays a crucial part in the growth and development of the company. Unlike other global companies, BLOC Eyewear is determined to never become complacent with success and to focus always on new inspired designs.

BLOC Eyewear’s desire for perfection is limitless, as they continue to explore the boundaries of new production materials and eye protection. In an increasingly competitive world, the dream of offering the very best is now a reality.